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Writing is both an art and a craft. This is not something to get into on a lark. There are far, far easier ways to make a living. Read every day from things people were actually paid to writeand write every day. Only when most of what you write is better than most of what your read will it be time to start trying to sell your work.

Like Trish said, it takes years to become a good writer. Even though I earn the bulk of my freelancing income editing the writing of others, one form of professional writing I have done is About pages for small business owners, whom I have not met in person and must get to know through electronic communication. I would add to this excellent article a step that Joel may have felt went without saying, but that I think merits an explicit mention: Always build at least a round or two of revisions into your price for such writing.

Good point Trish! In the early days, I seriously underestimated how much time it would take to complete a profile. And yes, About Us writing is seriously in demand these days and a great way for a budding journalist to get his feet college papes on line. Thanks for the read and the comments! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Research your subject - a lot For my first profile assignment, I interviewed a jazz great who enjoyed a five-decade career in music.

Why should readers believe you? If you have academic degrees, list them -- but only if they're relevant to the publication or article. A bachelor's degree might not be considered outstanding enough to warrant a mention in your bio, though there are exceptions to that i need help on a paper. Let's say you're writing about women's issues. If you attended a women's college, it might be worth mentioning in that particular instance. When Forbes contributor Ian Morris wrote the above article on a mobile device, he used his one-line bio to explain why he's qualified to write on that subject.

It's the inevitable -- and often dreaded -- question of any social or networking gathering. Chances are, someone reading your work will have the same question -- it goes along the same lines of explaining why you're credible enough to be writing about a certain topic. You've probably come across the occasional author bio that features a personal tidbit thrown in, like "cat lover" or "coffee addict.

To answer that question, you need to paper on literature about where your article is appearing, and who's likely reading it. That said, it's also good to remind readers that you're human, especially among your professional credentials.

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Still, paper on nba it to a minimum -- readers are only marginally interested in your personal life, so your bio isn't the place to divulge a lot of those details. Buffer's Alfred Lua paper on nba his bio to share his hobbies like swimming.

But readers, more often than not, might be responding with, "Who cares? That's because they want to know what's in it for them. By putting content out there, you're essentially asking readers to borrow their time for what you've written. Use your bio to communicate that bio, and what you can do for your readers. Cyrus Shepard once tested the effect of background color on click through rates and found a warm color got the best results. Get some data paper on diabetes a focus group by uploading some options to I need help on a paper.

Upload several pictures to see how they do against each other. Here are the results of my tests…. Big thanks to Vanessa Van Edwards for finding this! Vanessa has a great list of LinkedIn profile tips here. As we said in tip 1, faces are powerful imagery. Using a logo as a profile picture is a missed opportunity to be human and personable. But for most companies, avoid posting from behind a logo if at all possible. Use the face of someone on the social media team.

This is especially important for people with common names. If someone sees you in one place and wants to connect in another, make it easy for them by using the same picture on all of your professional social media profiles.

For example, I was emailing with someone named Brian and decided to reach out on LinkedIn. But there are Brians with his last name. Be consistent and keep the same profile picture for a year or two at least.

These pictures are identifiable because they were used for years. The difference in quality between professional and amateur work is huge. You are in that stream. Did they slow down? These tips and ideas will give you an edge in the ultra-competitive context of social media.

Your social media profile may have nothing to do with marketing. Sometimes, social media is just social. So if you want to use a picture of your car or your cat. Go for it! Everyone has an opinion. What do you think of these three profile pictures? Let us know in the comments below! Love the post, but I feel like not quoting Tyra Banks could have been a mistake.

People really need to smize more. Fun fact you smilewithyoureyes even when your not smiling. S history with over million album sales. Bumpy Johnson was one of Harlem's most notorious crime bosses of the 20th century. Lisa Paper on diabetes is an Emmy Award-winning actress best known for playing the role of Phoebe on the sitcom 'Friends.

Frank 'The Irishman' Sheeran was an Irish-American labor union official who helped facilitate organized crime activity into labor unions and claimed to have killed Teamster president Jimmy Hoffa. Naturalist, inventor and businessman Clarence Birdseye pioneered the process of flash freezing in the United States. His company was bought by General Foods. If they are not studying in the same school with me, I think that I would never be confident and hopeful.

Yuki is a cheerful and kind girl. Although she is a little bit naughty, I still admire her a lot. Someone I admire is my mom.

She's very loveble person and a very patient mom in the world hehe. I like cuisine because it's originally made by her, have a strong seasoning, and of course it's very delicious. Someone I admire is my teacher. She is very kind and generous. She always build up my confidence by saying nice things about me and always compliments me.

I am really grateful for having a teacher like her.

- NBA Media Links

She is very patient and knows when to be strict. I really like these kind of teachers because they know when to be strict but in a kind way. I hope I would meet these kind of teachers in the profile paper on a person. Someone I admire is my grandmother. She is hard-worker and patient. She gives me a lot of knowledge of study. I love foreign couture. My grandmother is a love life person. She was a mathematics teacher in middle school so she is very smart.

For example, My scores of mathematics is always terrible since middle school. I felt so sad about that so I ask my grandmother for help to teach me mathematics. We were really work hard for a summer holiday. She taught me a lot every day and gave quiz to assess my ability. After that summer, my mathematics had improved a lot.

I think she is a very smart teacher because she knows how to adjust her teaching in order to fit every students. Also, she is studying piano in senior university these days. She is a hard-working students, because she practices half an hour a day. For instance, she ask me to teach piano. I thought she just study it for fun, but I'm wrong, she treats it so serious. She will ask a lot during my teaching, and then she will recite each notes location after class.

Even though her hands are sort of stiff, she is still trying to do her best. I'm so proud paper on crash movie her. Last but not least, she is a very optimistic person.

I think this is very important for family education. It seems I have nerve see my grandmother feels sad. In my memories, she is always happy and kind. She is singing a lot, especially when I was a kid. In my opinion, my grandmother leads me became loving music. All in all, she has many excellent qualities that worth to learn.

She is the person I admire.You can do a research i need help on a paper international players coming to the NBA vs the NCAA route, compare them and assess which one is the best path for development and predictor for future success. Should clarify what kind of research you are doing, but here's some ideas if you're into psychology. Basketball and Perception, specifically the hot hand phenomena and how it impacts players and coaches' decisions I'm doing a presentation on this soon. Basketball and expertise what makes someone an expert at basketball vs a novice and what are the differences.

Look into paying the G-League a decent living wage. LA Times. Arizona Republic. Sacramento Bee. On Twitter.

On Facebook. On Instagram. On YouTube. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Ticketmaster is the official ticketing partner of the NBA. Ticketmaster provides the transactional engine that most of the Need help college essay teams utilize. Individual teams set their prices for all primary ticket sales i.

NBA star-turned-businessman Shaq reveals the worst investment he ever made

Teams and venues negotiate fee structures within their individual partnerships with paper on literature partners. Prefer to speak to a person? Our teams love to speak with fans. For any questions about tickets, feel free to call your team directly.

Each of those tickets was initially sold by the team to: a season ticket holder, a professional ticket broker, a group ticket purchaser, or an individual game ticket purchaser. News 8 hours ago. Life 16 hours ago. Explore all videos. SandRidge posts biggest loss in years for SandRidge Energy lost nearly a half-billion dollars inthe company reported Wednesday after markets closed. Sports 6 hours ago.

News 3 days ago. Business 1 hour ago. News May 16, Holt focuses State of the City speech on idea of 'collaborative conversation' to improve public schools Mayor's annual speech includes remembrance of April 19,Murrah building bombing as 25th anniversary approaches. Business 9 hours ago. Business 1 day ago. Sports 12 hours ago. Oklahoma court agrees legislator wasted marital assets The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals has upheld a divorce judge's ruling that state Rep.

News 22 hours ago.

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Tuning In for Feb. Sports 7 hours ago. LSB hopes for improved results this year, compared to LSB Industries' top executive expects will be better for the company. Business 22 hours ago. News 23 hours ago. Health 24 minutes ago. Joel Embiid did return to the bench briefly, but has since gone back to the lockerroom.

Will update as soon as I know more. Losing Embiid for an extended period would be a huge blow to Philadelphia, especially with Simmons already out. The 76ers fifth place, half a game out of fourth are right on the edge of getting home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

Embiid had been playing so well lately. This is an especially tough time for a setback. If the Los Angeles Lakers are going to extend their current win-streak to seven games, they will have to do it without their leader and best player, LeBron James. James has only missed two of the Lakers 56 games so far this season.

As far as positives, the Lakers will get an opportunity to improve on their very low marks when they've played without LeBron. So far Basketball Basketball was invented in by Dr. James Naismith of Almonte, Ontario. While he was attending the international YMCA Training School School for Christian Workers in Springfield, Massachusetts, he was challenged by the Head of Physical Education at the school to create an indoor game to distract students and keep them occupied during the extremely cold winter of that area.

His response to this challenge was to create a game that required skill instead of brute strength like other. I could smell the salty sweat dripping from the players forehead.

Basketball is a fun and hard core sport that you can play with your friends, and against your peers. Today you will learn about how basketball is appealing, a both gender sport, good for your health, has great history, and will have a great future. Hello today I will talk college papes on line Basketball. I will specifically talk about the history of it, current, and the legends of it.

I hope by the end of this Basketball will be your favorite sport as it is mine. The first subject I will talk about is the history of Basketball. Basketball was created by a man named James Naismith in James was told to teach a P. He was told to come up with a game to entertain the boys being coached. York, and when he was still a toddler, his parents moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. Jordan played baseball, basketball, and football as a child. He loved baseball, but his love for basketball started growing when his older brother, Larry, kept beating him paper on crash movie one-on-one pick up games.

Because of this, Jordan was determined to become a better basketball player. Ironically, he was cut from the varsity team his sophmore. Throughout basketball history, there have been many amazing players to be a part of the NBA. One of the most controversial topics in the history of NBA today paper on gandhi whether Paper on gandhi Jordan or LeBron James is the best player to ever be a part of this association.

The veteran coach from the state of Ohio has since thrown a chair across a gym floor, been video taped choking a player, and assaulted school employees and fellow students on the campus of Indiana. He has been in heated arguments with anyone from school presidents to the media after heart breaking losses. Scrutiny and controversy have followed Bobby Knight ever since he brought his disciplined style of basketball to the scene.

While I know some of you have never stepped on a baseball field, I started playing when I example of a literature review essay only four years old. Today, I will be informing y'all about the History, different positions and the different divisions in Major League Baseball.

Stephen Curry

Although the United States was not one of the countries I named earlier, lost of history about the sport of baseball can be traced back this country. It is believed that the game of baseball originated somewhere between the mids and early s in.

Like all sports, the NBA has many players who have cemented their place in history due to their performance both on and off the court. Over the last sixty years, as the league has grown from eleven college papes on line to thirty franchises, surging popularity across the country has propelled the NBA into the limelight. The players are the face of the league, and their abilities. The Game of Basketball Since the beginning of time, sports and game has played a big role in human interaction.

Humans and even animals have always had the desire to compete against one another to prove show dominance. Through ought history, the world has witnessed simple leisure activities evolve into world renowned competition for years to come. From Ancient Roman Gladiators to the Olympic Games, from hunting to modern day technology competition, the history of sports is very diverse.

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